Radiation person

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Radiation person

Pic up the “now”

“Contemporary” is fallen in the street. And scope of various “perspectives” is equipped. Sometimes, I go out to the city to pick it up. To go out to the city to peep the scope.

Also era of now and history, be condensed in time such as 1/200 minutes. Using only assisting device imagination and inspiration.

I walk a scramble crossing. Changing a little the line of sight, “now” seemed in crowd to come and go the line of the crosswalk extending radially. Winners and losers, poverty and wealth. Modern people confused in social disparity. Those who deviate from the line, those who go along. All likened to something of modern society.

Bike goes through the flow of people. There are people who walk to avoid it. There is no compassion to the strong, the weak just follow. Line of sidewalk extending to the tip of the decrease was reversed, if that symbolizes the future, signal is in its first or would be red or flashing yellow.

Modern is too insensitive to loquacious scene of one.

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